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Commissions Info Sheet by willhernandezdraws Commissions Info Sheet by willhernandezdraws


Hey guys, I’ve updated my commissions info and am now open to commissions again!

Livings been really tough lately and I’m still out of work so financing myself (and my birdo’s) has been difficult. I’ve gotta nasty phone bill to pay, meds to to worry about, counseling, food, clothes, ya know, the works. I dunno if things are gonna get any easier but I suppose doing nothing wouldn’t be good for me or my art career so there’s that.

If you’re interested shoot me a message! Or send me an email at:

When you make a request you should give me:
+ Your name
+ Type of commission
+ A description of what you want
+ Number of focus subjects
+ Reference images/ sketches (if any)
+ Permission to post on social media

Being my only potential source of income right now reblogs are always appreciated 💖

And if you want to support me aside from commissioning me, you can donate to my Ko-fi or Paypal via the links below:

Ko-Fi // PayPal.Me

Even if you can’t commission or donate, lots of shares will always help and are very much appreciated.

I feel I’ve improved my artwork a lot since I first opened commissions about a year ago and I’ve really streamlined my drawing process and business practices. So I hope to do business with you and see what you have for me to draw! 

Thank you guys for all the support, it really helps me out financially and motivates me to keep going through life!

Hope to see you soon! ❤
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